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Welcome to the Scribus Documentation Project

The Scribus Documentation Project is an attempt to write a new manual for the Open Source DTP program Scribus. Its authors are long-time contributors, developers and experienced users. Our goal is to provide a new and detailed, yet comprehensible documentation for distribution via the World Wide Web, PDF files, printed books and, ultimately, the Scribus Help Browser.
Do you want to know more? Have a look at the Table of Contents or the TODO List.
If you're interested in contributing, please send a message to the Scribus mailing list or join the Scribus IRC channel: irc://


The first edition of the manual has been successfully released, and we're moving on to the second edition for Scribus 1.4, which is a huge challenge, despite the previous achievements.

For a discussion regarding details of the new version, see Scenarios for the Publication of the Next Edition of the Manual.

The table of contents for the second edition can be reached from the side bar.

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