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Barcode Generator is a plugin, which uses Terry Burton's award-winning Barcode Writer.ENDNOTE It creates barcodes in pure PostScript. The dialog is activated by selecting Extras > Barcode Generator...:


There is an extensive list of codes to choose from. Some, like the ISBN example shown here, have some limited information about the code, but generally you must know the appropriate use of the code from other sources. The information field in the lower left contains more information about the requirements and restrictions of different types of barcodes. When chosen, each code shows an example sequence of numbers and other characters.

List of codes for barcode generator:

  • Code 2 of 5
  • Code-128
  • Code-39
  • EAN-13
  • EAN-2
  • EAN-5
  • EAN-8
  • ISBN
  • ITF-14
  • Interleaved 2 of 5
  • MSI
  • Plessey
  • Postnet
  • Rationalized Codabar
  • Royal Mail
  • UCC/EAN-128
  • UPC-A
  • UPC-E

For each barcode, there are some additional options available:

  • “Include Text in Barcode”: This option will add the numbers of the barcode to the bars as can be seen in the screenshot above.
  • “Guard Whitespace”: This option will add arrows to the barcode which can help designers not to cover the code with other graphical elements.
  • “Include Checksum” (if applicable): Some barcodes permit or even require a checksum. This option lets the barcode writer create such a checksum.
  • “Include Checksum Digit” (if applicable): This option will add the checksum digit to the barcode, in other words: the checksum is visible.

You can also change the colors for the background, the lines and the text/the numbers. Unfortunately, the color chooser only handles HSV and RGB colors in 1.3.3.x.

When you click OK, a code is generated according to your choices, and is then attached to the mouse cursor for placement as desired. The code itself consists of a grouped collection of polylines (the bars) and polygons (the characters). It is feasible to resize this grouped barcode, but caution is advised, since in general there are various specifications for bar widths which are important for accurate machine reading.

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